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Initial Areas of interest


These were the areas of interest indicated at the Session at the National Library of 15th May:

Anne Milne – Co-op women’s guild.
Jackie Miller – printers / Women's Typographic Assn.
Kathy Callahan – Scottish Convention of Women
Lorraine Doig – artists and minority groups
Barbara Badger – Margo Macdonald
Margaret Ferguson Burns – Helen Crummy and Helen Aqueroff (latter found to be too early)
Janet Hopkins – health aspects – workers, roles and salaries + domestic abuse
Katie Hunter – Marie Stopes
Carol Stobie – Adult Learners Project
Margaret Hendry – Women’s attitudes to women.
Tiana Sidey – Ruth Adler (Scottish Women's Aid) and Frankie Raffles (Zero tolerance campaign) probably now do Charlotte Auerbach (geneticist)

Additional mentioned at session on 3rd June
Liz Beevers – Margaret Isolen Fergusson – First Engineer
Andrew – Maeve Marwick – Health and family planning
Margaret Ferguson Burns – Frances Pringle - one of founders of WEA

Thanks for all this, Tiana! I'd like to add Helen Clark (now Kendall), who is retired social curator for Edinburgh City Museums and has done an enormous amount of the profile of women's history here as well as many other topics. I hope to interview her this summer.


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