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Hullo Everyone

The WEA Lothian Association has been awarded a grant from the Lottery awards to all to improve our use of ICT (Information Communications Technology).
WEA Lothian members will be able to learn how to use and get the most out of computers.

I have set up this forum primarily as a space to record the feedback that I hope to get from the various classes about their ICT needs and aspirations. Conscious that many folk only think of what they want once they are on the bus heading home, here is a space also for them to record their thoughts.

Since this forum has been set up for one purpose, it might as well serve several - so it also provides a space for any class or group to have a private or public discussion.

I have set up a number of categories and discussion boards within them. At present the student boards are private.

If you wish for any changes to be made please email (or send message) to me, Tiana_admin.

Meanwhile enjoy blogging your thoughts and opinions.

Well, I've started!  Clear intro and I do like the layout.



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