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Here is a list of women being researched in 2013

Elizabeth Fulhame, Chemist active 1780-94

Agnes Lithgow
Mary Isolen  Fergusson

My wummin hopefully will be Janet Peacock Watson - if I can find out enough about her!
Also hopefully doing Norah Geddes if I get the ok from Margaret!  8)

I hope ( time and skills allowing ) to look at

Janet (Jenny ) Anderson 1697-1761 ,
Mona Geddes ( no relation to Patrick ) also known as Alexandra Mary Chalmers Watson -1872-1936 - (MD July 1898 ).
and possible Margaret Winifred Rushforth 1885-1983.

Agnes Campbell now for me , not Lithgow...found too little about her whereas Agnes C is a litigious monster with the drive of Maggie Thatcher and the enterprise of Richard Branson! Liz :-\


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