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Joining a Group


If you registered yourself - as opposed to accepting an invitation - you may be wondering where all the class and student information is.
You need to join a group.

Click on Profile on the menu bar.
A new menu bar appears underneath. Click on Modify profile and select Group Membership.
Here you'll see a list of availible groups.
If it says 'Join Group' it means the group is open and you can just open the door and sit down.
If it says 'Request membership' it means that the group is restricted in some way - students in a particular class for instance. You hare asked to give a reason for joining. All this is is a note to the moderator (probably the class tutor) so that they know who you are. So all you need say is "It is I, Jane Jones a knocking at your door" (or similar..)

You then wait for the Moderators acceptance to come through - check by going into Group membership.
However you should notice the change in number of discussion boards you see.


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