Late Bloomers - web design and basic IT skills for those venturing on a new tack



Welcome to Late Bloomers

Wikipedia defines A late bloomer as a person whose talents or capabilities are not visible to others until later than usual. The term is used metaphorically to describe a child or adolescent who develops more slowly than others in their age group, but eventually catches up and in some cases overtakes their peers, or an adult whose talent or genius in a particular field only appears later in life than is normal - in some cases only in old age.

This is a website for those on their second (or third!) wind. It is a forum for those who are venturing out on a new tack. This may be because they have retired, been made redundant or just because they damm well feel like it!

I am a self employed web designer, basic skills IT trainer and troubleshooter, but most of all I love to help and encourage others achieve their goals.

Initially there will be an area displaying the skills of the WEA Lothian Women's Forum, one of the grassroots groups working within the Worker's Educational Association in Edinburgh. The group feels that it is important that the explorative work of those attending their classes can be displayed to the world at large. It helps build the participants' confidence and it shows future students the inspirational showpiece that they can achieve if they attend one of the courses.

You, of course, don't need to be a Late Bloomer yourself in order to use the resources advertised on this website.

Tiana Sidey